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Day 13: The person you wish could forgive you

Dear Lindsey and Alli -

I wish I could understand why you stopped talking to me.  You’ll say it’s because life has gotten ahead of you or you have been busy starting a new life, but we all know the truth.

I’m not going to apologize for not being the person you thought I was, because that’s just not the case.  Forgive me if my experiences in finding myself throughout college were misleading.  I question a lot of my choices, but firmly believe that (however different they may have been), each and everyone of them has lead me to where I am today - in the happiest and most loving relationship of my life.  Just like you, I have created my own “little family” and I cannot wait to make that family my every day reality.

I just wish that you could see me for who I really am instead of who you want me to be.  Because who I was is not who I want to be anymore, and I don’t really think I was ever really that person.  Just a lost soul trying to find her place in the world - and I’ve found it.  I always thought that you would have a place in that world, too… I guess life had other plans for us.

I wish you all the happiness that life has to offer.  Honest and truly, I do.  I think you are wonderful women that will lead great and successful lives.


PS - I am still mad at you for TRASHING MY HOUSE and then leaving on graduation weekend.  Rude rude rude.